Sassy South Crystal Crown Pin Style J2285P
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Sassy South Crystal Pin

 Style  J2285P1S

Our most regal crown pin will not disappoint! A scepter of baguettes tipped with marquis cut crystals intersects through the most lovely jeweled crown. A crystal embedded negative arch supports three arched rows made of round and baguette crystals topped by four arches, each filled by a marquis feature stone. Each arch is interspersed with another glittering marquis crystal topped by a round crystal, with the center set being larger that the others Measuring 2 ¾" wide and 2 ¼" high, this pin's size matches it's quality.

Pin Stone Colors Available:
Crystal Silver

 Suggested Retail Price: $63.99

Information on the designer

Sassy South Jewelry Collection

As their slogan goes......

Go Sassy and turn your spakle on!  Sassy South has grown significantly in the last 20 years. Their success and steady growth is due to their commitment to deliver quality merchandise at a reasonable price. They strive to provide an extensive selection of jewelry complemented with a unique design. They have a dedicated staff finding and bringing new, unique designs to you.


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  • Item #: J2285P1S Sassy South
  • Manufacturer: Sassy South

Sassy South Crystal Crown Pin J2285P1S

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