Interlude 9815
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Interlude Couture Flower Strap Cocktail Dress Prom Gown!

Interlude Prom Style 9815

Hit on many trends at once in this Interlude 9815 Cocktail dress. Spaghetti straps are delicate and move into an ornate bust with major sparkling detail at one side and ruching at the other with a bundle of rosettes. Ruching sits at a diagonal and a portion of the fitted skirt is accented with glittering stones and additional rosette detail. This is a trendy cocktail dress that is perfect for a big dance or party.

Gown Fabric: Poly Tafeta
Gown Colors Available: Olive
Gown Sizes Available: 2-14

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Interlude Prom Gown Suggested Retail Price:$397.99

Interlude Prom Gown 9815

Interlude Prom Gown 9815

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  • Manufacturer: Interlude

Interlude Gown 9815

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