Interlude 9773
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Asymmetrical Delicate Sheath and Mermaid Dress by Interlude!

Interlude Prom Style 9773

This Interlude 9773 dress is an asymmetrical modification of both the sheath and mermaid silhouettes, with the look relying on brightly contrasting details at the waist, strap, edgy neckline, and knees. The fashion-forward adaptation of a classic silhouette features sparkling embellishments at all three points.

Gown Fabric: Poly/Taffeta
Gown Colors Available: Brown/Black, White/Fuchsia
Gown Sizes Available: 4-18

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Interlude Prom Gown Suggested Retail Price:$372.99

Interlude Prom Gown 9773

Interlude Prom Gown 9773

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  • Item #: 9773 IN
  • Manufacturer: Interlude

Interlude Gown 9773

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