Interlude 9710
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Exquisite strapless minidress by Interlude Cocktail!

Interlude Prom Style 9710

The lavish yet low-key style of this strapless Interlude 9710 Cocktail minidress will add plenty of excitement to any occasion! Its pencil skirt is decked out in decadent rosettes that imbue the look with timeless romance. The bodice has a simple neckline, and a high waistline masks flaws perfectly.

Gown Colors Available: Black/Gray
Gown Sizes Available: 2-14

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Interlude Prom Gown Suggested Retail Price:$322.99

Interlude Prom Gown 9710

Interlude Prom Gown 9710

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  • Item #: 9710 IN
  • Manufacturer: Interlude

Interlude Gown 9710

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