Interlude 9216
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Asymmetrical Golden Age Mermaid Dress by Interlude Couture!

Interlude Prom Style 9216

Elegant swirling ribbons of embellishment stretch across this Interlude 9216 Couture dress. The mermaid silhouette includes beautiful, dazzling fabric details in the lower portion of the skirt. The straight neckline curves upward with the glittering asymmetrical strap. A stunning look for all kinds of occasions, no matter where you are going to celebrate.

Gown Colors Available: Champagne/Black, Cork/Black, Gray/Black
Gown Sizes Available: 4-18

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Interlude Couture Gown Suggested Retail Price:$497.99

Interlude Couture Gown 9216

Interlude Couture Gown 9216

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  • Item #: 9216 IC
  • Manufacturer: Interlude

Interlude Couture Gown 9216

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