Interlude 9113
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Feathery Mermaid Dress by Interlude Couture!

Interlude Prom Style 9113

This spectacular look from Interlude 9113 Couture is extravagant and stylish, a piece for the most special of formal occasions. The top of the full length dress is tight and formed to accent the curves, while the mermaid “tail” is decorated with strands of feathery detail. A matching shawl drips from the spaghetti straps.

Gown Colors Available: Purple
Gown Sizes Available: 6-16

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Interlude Couture Gown Suggested Retail Price:$997.99

Interlude Couture Gown 9113

Interlude Couture Gown 9113

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  • Item #: 9113 IC
  • Manufacturer: Interlude

Interlude Couture Gown 9113

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